Hi, I'm Mike. I make apps for Apple platforms from the heart of Vancouver's North Shore Shipyards.I'm just getting started as a full-time indie app developer so drop your email below and I'll let you know when we ship out.


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Create timelapse videos for your personal journeys


DogCam - the #1 camera app for dogs. DogCam plays over 100 fun sounds to get your dog looking right at the camera as you snap a quick picture or video.

About Me

Hello, I'm Mike

An app developer originally from the UK, I've been building apps for Apple platforms since 2015. Most recently I was working on the App Store at Apple.Having spent time living in London, Salt Lake City and Sydney, I now live in North Vancouver, home to the historic North Shore Shipyards.I started Shipyard Studios as my way of going all-in on my own app ideas. My mission is to ship apps that people love to use whilst becoming self-sufficient as an indie app developer.

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